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    Full Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine

    Full Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine

    ~ NOTE ~ WE ALSO SUPPLY ALL THE INGREDIENTS TO MAKE THE COTTON CANDY IN THIS MACHINE. Simply search in our store for Bamboo sticks or Candy floss sugar for details.

    Weight 280kg

    Voltage (V): 220V

    Power (W): 2500W

    Shipping cost is separate, depending on destination country, please message us before ordering to obtain your shipping options from us.

    Further information 

    1.What is the size of the machine?

    Machine sizeL*W*H: 1332*659*1701mm

    Package sizeL*W*H):1430*830*1880mm

    2.What is the net weight of the machine? What is the gross weight?

    Net weight:210kg

    Gross weight:280kg

    3.What’s the technical parameters of the machine?



    if using 110v, you need to use a transformer.

    4.How many languages does the machine support?

    29 languages

    5.How many cotton candy patterns does the machine support?

    30 kinds of flower shapes, and it has 4 colours and 4 flavors

    6.Does the machine support viewing sales data?

    Yes, the machine has a background app, so you can view the daily sales data.

    7.How many grams sugar was used per cotton candy?

    about 40 grams

    8.How much sugar can the machine hold?

    There are 4 sugar boxes inside the machine, each one can hold 2kg sugar, total is 8kg.

    9.How many cotton candy can be made after filling with sugar?

    It takes 40g of sugar to make one cotton candy, and if you fill it with sugar, it can make 200 cotton candy.

    10.How long does it take to make a cotton candy?

    About 80~120 seconds

    11.Are there any special requirements for sugar?

    No, just normal candy floss sugar with a colour or flavour, the size is 1.5~3mm. You can buy it in your local market or easily online from Amazon. 

    12. Can I use my own sugar ? If I use it, will there be any problem?

    Yes, you can use your local sugar. Sugar colours and flavours is mixed simply. We will teach you how to mix colour and flavour.

    13.Do you provide the stick? How much does it cost?

    Yes, we do provide the bamboo sticks and the paper cones. Please check the store with a simple search for those items and prices.

    14.How many sticks can be put in the machine at one time?

    About 200pcs

    15. What kind of sticks are needed?

    Paper/bamboo stick, stick size: 10mm*300mm

    16. What kind of payment device do you have, can it give change?

    Coin device, paper currency device, credit card device and so on. Change is not supported.

    17. What type of credit card payment system do you install?

    Nayax or Pax

    18. For the MG330, can I use a local credit card payment machine and install into MG330?

    Yes,but you need to send us your credit card device to test it first.

    19.Can I confirm that the warranty for the whole machine and all the parts is 1 year?

    Yes, we guarantee the whole machine for 18 months and the burner is 1 year.

    20. Will you provide training on how to use machine and operate system?

    We have 24-hour technical staff, online service and APP for training, user manuals and videos to study the machine, as well as online engineers to answer all questions like wechat,whatsapp or email, or telephone.

    21. What are the features of machines?

    1.Fully automatic unattended

    2.Internet connected back office in the background, real-time monitoring

    3.Remote Ad Update

    4.Super large touch-ad screen

    5.GPS positioning function

    24. What’s the capacity of the clean water bucket and how many can be made.

    The clean water bucket is 12L capacity, 200-250 cotton candy can be made when the bucket is filled with water.

    25. Requirements for connecting the power cord to the machine

    The machine must be connected with ground wire, if using extension, need 220V voltage, 10A power cord or 110V voltage,25A power cord.

    26. How about the quality of sheet metal

    We use the best sheet metal product in this industry, which is sturdy, durable and smooth. With consideration that many children will touch the machine, we have rounded the corners of many position, which can protect the children as well as keep the nice appearance.


    🚨 Machine has CE certification, .

    Customers can use CE Certification to enter the shopping mall and Place the Machine


    🚨The MSRP Price for each cotton candy is starting at £3-4 and you can increase & decrease the selling price according to your market value


    🚨Note That 8KG of Sugar Costs you £8  & can Make you 200 cotton candies pricing at a minimum of £3 that’s £600 pound in Revenue


    🚨Malls in Australia are selling at 9$ per cotton candy flowers 🌸🍭


    🚨Information has been retrieved from customers feed back that have purchased the machine and profited from the business Europe 📍and America 📍& Australia📍




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